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Bridge Loan

Get reliable funding for your fix and flip clients.

YouLand is a leading direct lender serving property investors. Our Bridge Loan product is designed for your clients who are either acquiring, renovating, and/or flipping properties for their portfolio.

Pricing is quick and terms are great.

We offer a simple 100% online process, fast close and reliable access to funds at rates oftentimes lower than your other capital sources. Our loans feature competitive terms and a transparent process with dedicated help every step of the way.


Do I need to be a licensed mortgage broker?

Some states do require licenses to broker loans. We will verify your licensing for required states as part of your signup process as a broker.

Do you charge an application fee?

Yes, there is a $299 application fee per loan submission for our Bridge Loan program. At closing, your application fee will be refunded, and you will be charged a one-time, flat fee of $499 that goes towards costs to process and underwrite your loan (e.g., valuation, background check, flood certification, etc.).

How do you protect against circumvention?

We regularly work to ensure that our brokers’ clients are not contacted via our sales and marketing activities (calls, emails, etc.). In the event that one of your clients reaches out to YouLand directly, we will re-direct them back to your firm and notify you immediately.

Can I set my own fees on top of yours?

Yes, you can. You have the ability to negotiate with your client on fees, but the total fee between YouLand and brokers is hard capped. Fee caps vary by program, but this will be clearly designated for brokers when they are applying on behalf of their client. This approach gives you flexibility to modulate up and down, but ensures all customers of YouLand receive a fair and compliant total fee.

What do you need from my clients?

We ask for the least amount of documentation as possible and provide you with a custom checklist that details the minimum amount of information you’ll need to provide to us. In addition, we’ll generally require an authorization from the customer that they have permission for us to work with the broker on their loan.

Do you interact with my clients directly or through me?

We understand that the borrower is your customer and ensure that there is minimal communication between YouLand and the end client. The two touch points that do occur are the authorization and the final loan documents at closing.

How do I get paid in the transaction?

You get paid at closing, with escrow net funding your fee. We calculate fees as part of the closing package and net them out of the final amount released to the borrower. You receive those funds when the transaction completes and escrow closes.